Let’s talk about sex - 20 February 2014

Stephen plonks himself down on a swivell chair in my office and starts telling me about a larger-than-life character he heard speaking at a fracking discussion hosted by Greenpeace last night.

‘Carin Bosman’s a water quality expert. She stands up and says ”I’m not going to talk about fracking. I’m going to talk about sex!”,’ Stephen cackles.

‘You’ve got to speak to her. She’s there, saying ”no one in their right mind has unprotected sex these days, right? Well the same should apply to fracking.”,’ Stephen says, trawling his memory for her precise words.

Google to the rescue again. Turns out Carin’s a trained chemist, was a water standards expert with the DWA for years, and now works as a consultant. She’s a heavy weight in the civil society movement on fracking.